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  • New Mold Customized

    Published on 2018/6/5

    HUAREN Group

    Huaren Century Group ,one of leading company in china on pharmaceutical industry .Pallets need to be 

    hygienic .In the year of 2016,huaren need 9800pcs of special pallets in sizes 1300x1200 Flat easy washing 

    design ,liyang was invited to finish the pallets project .From design to the mold finished ,total 90 days.

    Mold cost 120000$.




    NONGFU SPRING ,china's largest water company.In the year 2014 ,nongfu spring in need of a special

    palletsfor their 5 gallons bottled  water safety transfer and storage.Their previous pallets is one

    piece injection can be directly worked with forklift.But quality is poor,nongfu wanted a much more

    durable contact area between pallets and forklift.Liyang started to design a pallets and pads work

    together unit.Pallets warranty more than 5 years. 




    In the year of 2013 ,WAYA  GLASS COMPANY need a new plastic pallets for their bottled empty  glass 

    transport and storage .To take place of their wooden pallets. With Tsingtao Beers’ high recommended. 

    WAYA came to us ,and Liyang designed bottom pallets, separate pads and cap pads for WAYA to transfer 

    empty bottles glass safety and high efficient.



    Australia Size 1145x1145

    A special size 1145x1145x135mm for an Australia client .Due to Liyang ODM for CHEP PALLETS many years.

    Clients visit liyang and long time inspection. New mold was designed. Total cost 60000$ ,within 70 days.

    Pallets can be steel reinforced.Application on transfer and racking systems.



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