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  • Pallets for Racking systems

    Published on 2018/6/5

    ORION - AS/RS systems

    ORION company headquarter in Korea. In the year of 2013,their main production two factories Located in 

    Langfang city ,Hebei Province,china,needed to have large storage warehouse .liyang joined the warehouse 

    building project .Racking height 20.75meter .Totally pallets in need of 24500pcs.



    HUAREN -Selective Racking Systems

    Huaren century group ,one of leading company in china on pharmaceutical industry .Pallets need to be 

    hygienic .In the year of 2016,huaren need 9800pcs of special pallets in sizes 1300x1200 Flat easy washing

    design ,liyang was invited to finish the pallets project.




    MengNiu Dairy Group –AS/RS Systems

    MengNiu Dairy Group , china's most well known dairy company.Liyang and mengniu had been shaked 

    each hands more than 10 years .In the past 10 years ,no matter rental or sale business ,we have very well

    relationship .In the beginning of the year 2018 ,mengniu made new AS/RS warehouse.

    Totaly pallets in need of 40800pcs 



    Evergrande Spring-AS/RS Systems

    China‘s largest mineral water company ,which covers 28 major countries.

    In 2014, the project was undertaken, with the cargo pallets   43840 pcs.



    BINGLUN GROUP –Refrigeration Warehouse

    In the year of 2017 ,BINGLUN GROUP undertaken a refrigeration

    Warehouse project in Peru .For frozen sea products.Racking system work with shuttles trucks.

    Total pallets in need of 4880 pcs . 





    NIULANSHAN warehouse is really a large project in wine industry. High Auto control.More than 

    30000pcs plastic pallets in reuirements.20 roadways.Compare their solution before ,new wareouse 

    save company more than 3Millian dollars rental cost.Soved their hard control problem.



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