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  • Pharmaceuticals industry Solutions

    Without worrying about the instability and easy damaged of precision instruments handling.

    Industry Status

    Transportation of medicines should be timely, accurate, safe and economical. In the premise of ensuring drug safety, we should choose the best transport and route. According to the conditions of the packaging and road conditions we need to take appropriate measures to prevent drugs damage and confusion. During transport, the drug should be handled gently, eliminate rough handling. And medicines should be reasonable stacked with properly thatch mats. Attention should be paid to the stacking height and width restrictions, and remember classification stacking

    Solutions from Liyang

    Avoid damage and leakage of the drug during the handling process. May be omitted instability and easily damaged in precision instruments handling.

    Support services of solution

    • Static and dynamic pallet leasehold, provide and retrieve pallets across the country according to the customer's needs.
    • Provide food baskets leasehold and sales service, providing customers with high-quality storage and display apparatus;
    • Provide pallets cleaning and disinfection services, to ensure the safety of the goods;
    • Provide traceability services based on customer’s requirements;
    • Provide refrigerated vehicle distribution services.


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